Monday, November 30, 2015

It feels great to be able to help and bless other areas and missionaries

It’s been a great week! I had a companion all week that I was able to work with like normal it was pretty nice. I had 4 this transfer it has been crazy. Today is transfers and Elder Johnson is getting transferred so I will get another new one tomorrow. I am really excited for the coming transfer we have many people progressing towards baptism. 4 were at church yesterday the city is the very best place for missionary work. We find and teach all day I really love it. We have been finding a lot of people that live in other wards and stakes that we teach for a bit get them on date and solid then refer them out to there actual ward. it feels great to be able to help and bless other areas and missionaries with solid people for them to teach. We also have a few people that do live in our ward boundaries that we hope to baptize this transfer. They are all Chinese. One of the recent converts from last year that we taught cooked us a real Chinese dinner this week and it was really good.  Its funny I am all the way in Australia but I think a trip to china would be better to see the people I have become close with rather than back to Australia. I am so glad everything is good at home and that the Lord is taking such good care of everyone.
Love you all have a great week Elder Hartley
Remember the church is true eh!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

So grateful for the chance to Him

It’s been a great and crazy week. My companion was put on special assignment last Wednesday so I have been in another trio with the other city elders (same area there are two sets here) We are still not sure if I will get a new companion or just wait till transfers in 3 weeks. The investigators we found last week one is really great he has been at church two weeks in a row! only problem is he just got on a plane back to china until February. I have his email and we will keep in touch while he is gone. I should still be here when he gets back. Its a tough few weeks here because it is the middle of exams so everyone is pretty busy and then after many will leave to china. We do have several people staying here and a few should be baptized in the coming month. It is so great to be back here, it has really helped me to see how much I have changed (I think that is often hard to really see) I had a cool experience to teach a lesson on a split. It was me and Thomas Bien a Chinese convert elder Pitama and I found and baptized last year. We were teaching this chines man about the God head and it was so cool to see Thomas teach and bear testimony. I remember the first lessons we had with him as he first began to find out God was real and loved him. It is a really exciting time here in the city and I love it. I tell press every week he is not allowed to ever move me again. I get to talk to elder Pitama once a week and he told me that Sam was baptized last week in Darwin that was also great to hear. I have really learned alot about the Lords plan and how we should never question it because it really is perfect. The things that have happened here the last 3 weeks have been so perfectly planned to help me and others around me. I love our Father in Heaven and am so grateful for the chance to serve Him. Hope you all have a great week. Love Elder Hartley 

Monday, November 2, 2015

Transfer time back to the city of Adelaide

On the plane headed back to the city of Adelaide

Its been a great week I am so happy to be back in the City..we found 8 new investigators this week. Sister Judy Bird and her daughter spoke at a fireside yesterday about there conversion story and I got to go to that. It was great to hear her story and I am so grateful to have been a small part of it. 
Love ya all and have a good week! Elder Hartley