Wednesday, May 4, 2016

There is nothing that makes a missionary happier then a baptism, unless its
2 baptisms. True joy to be a part of a brother and sister being truly converted.
ElderHartley, Elder Mose, Elder B. Johnson, Elder Langi, Elder Larkin,
President Parker, Elder Matekohi, Elder Tolbert, Elder Hanley and Elder

This is a very happy group of Missionaries. HEavenly Father is pouring our
blessings and miracles in the Australia Adelaide Mission. Elder HArtley, Elder 
B. Johnson, Elder Larkin, President Parker, Elder Tolbert and Elder Matekohi.

Sister Siale, Sister Coultrop, Elder Fleming,Elder Bennion, Elder McMurray,
(assistant), Elder Mose, Elder Langi, Elder B. Johnson, Elder Revillo, Elder
Flinders(assistant), Elder Matekohi, Elder Tolbert, Elder Hanley and Elder Hartley.

This is a memorable day!  The first ever, City Zone Specialty Training held
at the Prospect Chapel. These 12 missionaries serve in the City, meeting 
many people every day who are attending universities, working or heading to shop
at Rundle Mall.  These are obedient, focused, hard working missionaries
who have one purpose-invite all to come unto Christ.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One last time to the temple in Australia

             Many mixed emotions tonight.  Its getting harder and harder to say goodbye
to these incredible missionaries.  Standing up to be counted for 
the Lord. Oh how we love you.

      The Adelaide Temple will be closed for the next 2 weeks for cleaning so we went
to the Temple a  little early with this great group of missionaries who will be leaving
us way too soon. What a blessing to be in the House of the Lord together with 
people we love soooooo much.Elder Foiakau, Elder Matekohi, Elder Jarrett,
Elder Hartley, Sister Omugtong, Sister Makaya and Elder and Sister Larkin.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Miracles happen at stake conference! An old investigators who still comes to church but we do not teach because he is too busy came to conference yesterday. He brought his wife and young daughter (they do not normally come). We actually stopped by Wednesday night and they had just had an argument. At conference they sat apart with the daughter in the middle and there still seemed to be some tension. By the end of the conference they were sitting together sharing the daughter on each others laps! Their countenance had completely changed! It was great to see. I was so happy to see them there and to have such a good experience. We will go back again this week and try to teach and help them start progressing again.
It’s been a great week. Thanks for the emails!

Love you all Elder Hartley 

Friday, April 8, 2016

The MLC made up of  Zone Leaders, Assistants and Sister Training Leaders.
Elder Mannering, Elder Kendall, Elder Boyd, Elder Koch, Elder Coroton,
Elder Toi, Elder Hartley, Elder B. Johnson, Elder Flinders, Elder McMurray,
President Parker, front:  Sister Tamana, Sister Mason, Sister Vaitaiki, Sister
Lee-Lo.  Missing: Sister Townsend, Sister Rougeau, Elder Wilkins, Elder
Hamilton, Elder Hale, Elder U-Fa, Elder Callahan and Elder Paeu.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Arrivers Training and Dinner

Arrivers Training and Dinner

Great leaders in the Australia Adelaide Mission training up new missionaries.
This  is Elder Hartman, a great new Elder with several of our most diligent
Elders called to be trainers. 


After dinner a sweet time for testimonies to be shared. Such a wonderful
spirit in the missin home as we all gather to share our love for the Savior
and our gratitude for giving us all the opportunity to serve Him.  

Next day Arrivers first day of training.  After a good nights sleep these new missionaries
and their trainers are ready to go to work. Elder Hartley, Elder Angelo, Elder Koch,
Elder Boyd, Elder Ruppe, Standing: Sister Kosoltracul, Sister Fa'alogo, Elder
Hanley, Elder B. Johnson, Elder Flinders, Elder McMurray, Elder Ellingson, Elder
Brosnahan and President Parker. These are great new missionaries who are 
blessed with outstanding trainers.  All ready to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

9 people on baptism date

We were able to get a few more minutes to email now that all the meetings and things are over! It has been the greatest week I had to write and tell you all a bit about it. We have been having great miracles. I was on trade off for most of last week and it was really good to work with some other young missionaries in our zone. They all come out so much more prepared that I ever did and there maturity is really impressing. It amazes me how converted they all are. While I was on tradeoff our area was really blessed. (maybe I should leave more often!) We currently have 9 people on baptism date (most are for May 1) and we taught 10 member present lessons it was great. I know that we had that success  because we were really working well with the members here last week. There is one family from Muruosheus (know idea how to spell it but it’s an island close to madigascar) George Mary and Melony. They are on date for the 1st of May and have been to church 2 times in a row. They are doing so well and the ward is really coming together to bring them in It is really great.
 It was transfers yesterday. Elder Johnson and I are staying and training a new missionary who will get here tomorrow. Elder Christy was transferred. We had some really great missionaries get transferred into the city for this transfer. The old assistant is here and Elder Tolbert, my old companion from way back, is here and Elder Flemming (from Sydney we started together) are all here.

President Parker is really making a last push in the city before we all leave. It’s wonderful to work so hard around so many other people who are doing the same. I am grateful for you all at home as well because I know you are all working hard as well. I love it here and everything is going great. Hope you all have a great week. Easter was great and we are so lucky to celebrate it every week with the sacrament. I love the scripture Isiah 53:3 its all about the Savior. The whole chapter is great. Have a great week! Love Elder Hartley