Thursday, January 28, 2016

So great to get to the temple this week.

 We have had a really busy 10 days and the time always goes so fast. Feels like yesterday that I was emailing you. The Temple was wonderful, the pictures I sent one is Cheng we went on a tour last week....he has moved to Melbourne now we taught him everything and is ready for his interview to be baptized. I look forward to his baptism pic to get emailed to me. We are really have good success in the city and are used to working as a trio now. Its quite nice there is and extra person with 24 hours to get stuff done! The weather has been great not hot at all, it is actually quite cool for summer. I just have to survive Feburary and I should be safe from the 40s. Glad everything is good at home love you all  Love Elder Hartley

Monday, January 25, 2016

We are headed to the temple

It has not been to hot here the last few days and it’s been really nice but I think its supposed to get really hot again this week. The January- Feburary transfer I just focus on serving this one. After that I know the worst weather will be behind us and all will be well. I have 2 new companions we are in a trio (seems like a have spent a lot of time in a trio these past 6 months) Elder Escueta and Elder Lautele from the Phillipens and New Zealand. They are both great and pretty happy to be in the city. President Parker wants to send even more missionaries to the city its pretty cool. Used to be just us that covered it now he is talking about a city zone next transfer. He really pushes us, it’s great. I am grateful for that. Both my companions have been out for less than 6 months but they are really good. I am excited we are headed to the temple next Thursday. I have not been since April and it will be great to go back. Elder Hartley

Monday, January 11, 2016

Elder Pitama goes home tomorrow

The week has been great. Cheng decided to wait for Melbourne to be baptized but we think that is best anyways. We do have a few others getting close for Feb 14 Shan is a Chinese man he is great and he is doing so good. He has been to 2 baptisms and church 3 times in a row. Believes in Joseph Smith its really great we are going to teach the Book of Mormon on Wednesday. Its transfers today and Elder Mikami is leaving so we are sad about that. He has been the easiest comp I have ever had to work hard stay clean and just do everything we are supposed to do. It has been really good and we were going well together. We find out tomorrow who our new comps will be. We already have 12 lessons setup for the coming week with many more people to see as well things are looking great. Elder Pitama goes home tomorrow. I saw him last night it feels like yesterday that it was my first transfer and his 4th things go by to fast. He is coming to visit Elder Pitcher and I in October, that will be fun. So glad everything is going so well at home.

Love Elder Hartley 

Monday, January 4, 2016

He is someone who I will be life long friends with

 We really have all been blessed these past few years and I will be really sad to see my mission end but luckly I still have many more months to go and enjoy it! We have been working with a great man named Cheng and he really wants to be baptized! We would do it but he is moving to Melbourne in a few weeks so he is praying about it to see if he should do it here or there. We have only been meeting with him for 5 weeks now but he never misses church and reads the Book of Mormon and takes the time to understand it!. He has learned faster than anyone I have ever taught. I will be really sad to see him go but he is someone who I will be life long friends with. I am so grateful for the chance to have spend time with him. And last week he brought his wife to church and we are going to start teaching her. 
Its been a great week and a great year. I love you both thanks so much for everything and all the support. I am always so grateful that you were my parents because you have taught me so well. 
Love Elder Hartley
The Firle Zone with a wonderful round of mission jeapardy!  
Absolutely hysterical!  Elder Anderson had the voice down!! 
Elder Hartley at the Chirstmas program.