Tuesday, October 21, 2014

John is getting interviewed for his baptism on Sunday

Over at the Sorrels yesterday for dinner and they have some baby ducks

Looks like everything is going well at home! Everyone seems to be doing great. Sorry for the short email I am already turning into Chris sending two sentences that's it haha. Sorry eh.
I have been doing a lot of reading on faith and how to strengthen it and the difference between faith and believing. Bible dictionary faith, it’s pretty good.
John is getting interviewed for his baptism on Sunday and I am going on tradeoffs with the District leader today and tomorrow.
Love you all keep up the good work and mum thanks for the pics I love them.

Thanks for all you do

Love elder Hartley

Massive footy (aussie rules) stadium. Its the weirdest game ever.

golf course not to far from our flat

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

John will be ready to get baptized October 26!

It has been a very busy week, we were full on all the way until Saturday and then we had conference Saturday and Sunday and now it is Pday. So I feel like I haven’t worked in 3 days, I feel rusty already! 
We have a guy named John getting ready to be baptized on the 26th of Oct. He is the man 18 from China. We met him doing some bball contacting a few months ago. We stun them with our moves so they will give us there numbers! naaa justr kidding. We do tell them what we do and we kinda stand out balling it up in what I tell them are the new Jordans but really they are my nasty tracting shoes. He didn’t believe in God 3 months ago but he was always willing to keep his commitments. Action is the only way to gain a testimony or strengthen it. 
All our investigators that keep there commitments completely are baptized or are progressing well. We cannot expect knowledge or blessings without action on our part that’s just the way it works. We have several other people that are on dates for the next few months and they are all pretty solid and keeping commitments to gain a stronger testimony.
Conference was great and I loved how bold a lot of the talks were, that’s the way to do it eh. I try to be as bold as possible all the time. No point in leaving people a chance to guess what you are saying. 
We had a lot of changes in the district this transfer, there are only 3 of us left from when I first got here. It makes me feel old. Our district leaders don’t mess around.  Its good he is upfront and bold and if you aren’t doing something up to snuff he’s going to find out. He’s a hard worker and does all he can to help us. I feel bad for the poor leaders haha.  They are on the phone all the time and have so much more to stress about. 
I love our tiny area, it’s easy to keep things straight and there is always something to do. Every once and a while we do some door knocking just to mix it up when we get bored. Seems to be easy to find a crazy person that way to give us a 5 min laugh and wake us up again.
 Thanks for all the help from everyone at home and the prayers. And thanks for the letters Melissa sorry I never write back eh. Love you all

Elder Hartley

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So grateful for all your support.

fresh hair cut and elder Faamausili headed home

Well I am glad you all got to watch conference. I don't get to see it until this week haha. So we watch it this Sunday recorded, but I am excited for it.
I did not get transferred. Elder Tolbert and I are both still in Downtown for another 6 weeks. I am ok with it. I like it here and there is so much to do. I like it here cause it is really easy to stay busy.
 Thanks so much for the home made jelly mum (not sure if I said that last week of not).
 It’s been a crazy busy week and things are going well.
Thanks for all you all do at home for my and while I am on my mission. I am so grateful for all the support I have always had from home. Love you all

Elder Hartley

Dads favorite guy david susiki! 

Friday, October 3, 2014

I am starting to think that they are all crazy

Its been a crazy week but I am starting to think that they are all crazy. We had the temple this week so our P-day is Thursday rather than Monday. 
It's a holiday on Monday so I will email Tuesday when the library is open, its also transfers on Monday so I might not be in the city next week but I really doubt that. I made sure to tell President Carter not to move me ( I really didn't but he knows better I am sure) 
I got your package last week mum it came 3 times faster than the last one thanks so much for the welches and jelly!!! it is quite heavenly....Oh no mum, tim tams in Canada, that is going to be dangerous for me haha. I don't like the peanut butter ones but the original and double chocolate are the best, I don't eat them to much now cause its to hot to drink hot chocolate. 
We had a tradeoff yesterday with the Zone Leaders and I went to there area and Elder Tolbert stayed in downtown, ran it like a pro. I could leave Monday and the area wouldn't skip a beat (probably be better eh) Kinda scares me though cause I don't want to leave, maybe I will tell him to stop being so good. 
While I was on trade offs I drove all day in a little toyota camry on the left had side of the road, it's kinda weird. I got used to it fast.The hardest part is remembering that the signal lights and windsheild wipers are opposite so I always turn the wipers on like a fool. But I didn't hit anything so all in all I considered  it a success. 
It's getting quite warm here now. At the temple today I met an Elder pitcher from brooks. Dan and Shawn pitcher are his uncles it was pretty funny to have a chat with him I think there are 4 elders from Alberta here and Sis Dardon as well. We are in the same district at the moment, she is doing well. The Temple was great today I love getting the chance to go so often and it is really nice to get a break in the routine as well. 
I got a pretty good used bike for 50 bucks from the office and they gave me this massive u lock that you need a torch to get through so I should be good now. I figured if I bought a new one I would problably get sent to Darwin and just have to leave it here anyways. 
I am glad to here everything is going well at home and it is good to see dad is still killing stuff every couple of days haha. Everyone here gets a kick out of his pictures and short emails about cattle prices, tractors and killing things, I like!

Love you all
Elder Hartley
Elder Tolbert is my companion

Temple day for the Elders