Monday, June 23, 2014

People think I'm crazy not wearing a coat!

Today the weather here is kind of nasty its cold and really windy and it randomly down pores every so often so I am grateful to not be on the bike. We had a busy week and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done but we do our best.

 We have really been focusing on trying to find families and people that will really help to strengthen the Prospect ward here. Our area is so full of international students that we have to really work to find more permanent people that are interested in hearing the Gospel but it is good to stay busy. We do knock on a few doors but for us it is mostly street contacting. I can usually shoot the breeze with most people but it is tough to start talking about the church and stuff without making it awkward. So I have been really trying to learn how to tie it in with the conversation rather than have to say "what we do or what we teach or do you have a few min". It is so much better if you can just have a regular conversation. So that is what I have really been working on this week.

Everything at home looks really good and green, that is a ton of water that you got last week. I am glad everything is ok there. People look at me funny when I walk around without a coat on cause it is 15 out and they are freezing. I get cold some days but most I am not too bad in just my long sleeve shirts. We have laundry in our apartment which is really nice to keep your clothes from getting nasty cause I spill all the time so then I can wash it right away.

 Going to the temple Thursday was great, its the only time I was able to really relax my mind from all that we are doing here and focus on something else. I am finding more and more that if I have a specific question I can always find the answer in the scriptures, at the temple, or praying.

I am doing well so don't worry about me Elder Pitama is even a half decent cook so that is a bonus. It just randomly started pouring again, its like a hurricane in the library. Tomorrow we have a specialized training on family history so that should be interesting. I don't have a clue about that stuff.

Love you all take care.,

Elder Hartley

Elder Pitama, my companion from New Zealand

Elder Flintoft (Zion Leader)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Playing Basketball in Australia

Its actually Tuesday here in Australia, it was a public holiday yesterday so our P-day was moved it is normally Monday (Sunday for you all) The plane ride actually was not to bad. I slept for like 10 hours so that was nice. In Melbourne, I got to talking to this Beef marketer that is working all sorts of deals with China selling different beef and stuff to them it was pretty interesting. Its been awhile since I was on the computer in the MTC so I only had time to skim letters today sorry sounds like everyone is doing great and I am happy for that. My companion is Elder Pitama he is from New Zealand, he's a great guy and is teaching me a lot (only 18) but wise beyond his years. I am in the Downtown area it is literally downtown Adelaide. We walk and ride bikes here, most of our time is spent on the main street doing what we call street contacting. It’s kind of hard but I am learning. It is easy to say hi to people but if you want them to stop you pretty much gotta jump in front of can get awkward.
Most of the people we teach we just meet in a library in down town and they are almost all Asians that don't hardly speak any English and have never heard of God before. Want to learn to teach simply? Teach someone who can’t speak English about the God Head.
But we were playing ball with some Chinese yesterday
 (I tower over them all and they think they are good but are really really bad haha).
 And we met this Philippine man that invited us over for dinner and we met his family. He is such a nice man and there family is so nice.  Tthey aren't really interested in the Gospel but we will keep trying. There is a Sister Hartley in out mission who is from Australia. I met her last week she is in my district it is kinda funny.
I gave a 5 min talk in Church on the spot on Sunday cause a speaker didn't show up.
There is 6 missionaries in the ward but the new guy always gets picked eh. SO much has happened I don't really know what to say I am happy and working hard, learning a lot. The ward here is interesting but they are doing the best they can. I know this is where I am supposed to be and am working hard to meet the people I was sent here to meet.
 Love you all and feel your prayers, so thanks for that. There are so many different types of people here. Some are really nice others not so much.  Australians are kinda mean but its all good they don't know what they are doing. We talk to a lot of immigrants they are nice and like what we teach only thing is they can’t speak English very well. 
Love Elder Hartley

Friday, June 6, 2014

He made it to Australia

Jason and Paula Hartley
Box 39
Aetna, AB, Canada TOK 1YO

Dear family,

Elder Travis James Hartley arrived in the Australia Adelaide Mission safely. Sister Carter and I are mindful of the great trust you have placed in us by sharing your son with us. When he arrived, we met him at the airport and took him to the mission office, where he was introduced to the office staff for orientation. This was followed by dinner and testimonies at the church.

Elder Hartley’s companion is Elder Te Teira Pitama from New Zealand. They are serving in Downtown Area of the Firle Zone.   


                                                               AUSTRALIA ADELAIDE MISSION OFFICE
                                                               ELDER Travis James Hartley
                                                               P O BOX 97
                                                               Marden, SA  5070           

I am aware that the Lord blesses, in many special ways, the families of missionaries.  As your son serves, you will find that to be very true.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

President Bradley D. Carter


Off to Australia, I got my visa.

Thanks so much for all the letters, emails and dounuts! My companions also say thanks. 

 I got my visa the other day we are all three headed to Adelaid on Monday. 
Its a 2 hour flight to LA. 5 hour lay over. 16 hours to Brisbane Australia 6 hour lay over then 1.5 hour flight to Adelaid.
 Becasue of all the travel and time changes we leave Salt Lake airport at 4:30 pm Monday and arrive in Adelaid at 3pm Thursday.  It will be a crazy 30 hours and probably take me 3 months to get caught back up on sleep. 

I am excited to go right to Australia though and know it is where I am supposed to be. 

 We got to go to the temple this morning.  I am greatful for that I enjoyed it. For the Tuesday devontioal ELder Nelson and his wife came and spoke to us. I took alot of notes but dont have them with me. It was mostly random thoughts about missionary work but one line I do remember is that it is better to have character than to be one. 

I still like my companions even after 10 days and it will be cool to know each other through the 2 years. Elder Callahan and I may come home in the same plane eh? But don't worry I am not thinking about that day at all. . 

Thanks for all that you and dad do and the sacrafices you have made for me, I love ya and miss ya but and doing fine. I will email you next from adelaid.


Elder Hartley

My room at the MTC

Provo Temple

All of us are going to Australia

I am at the MTC with a companion from Edmonton.

It has been a good few days and I am enjoying it here and learning a ton of stuff about myself, the church, and the spirit.  I am in a tri with two other Elders that are going to Adelaid too.  One is from Rexburg and the other is a farm kid from South of Edmonton who would of guess eh?  They are 19 and 18 respectively (like that word there).
I still don't have a visa so I am not sure what is happening there.  My companions are loving the beef jerky you sent with me.  We stay really busy here.  It is like school on steriods, it never ends from 8:00 till 9:30, but its ok cause I am kind of used to it.
My companion Elder Callahan from Canada are the zone leaders, but we don't even know what that mean, so it's not too stressful.  Hope all is well at home and you are in my prayers.
Love ya, 

Sister Wadsworth and Elder Hartley in the MTC. 

I know, I need to straighten my tie!

I am off to the MTC.  So excited to be on my way to fulfill my LDS mission.  Thanks for all your support in helping me get to this point.  So many of you have influenced me through out my life in such a positive way.
I am flying out of Great Falls to get to the MTC.  Will enter the MTC May 21, 2014.  Australia here I come!
All my luggage, but everything did fit in and room to bring home a Kangaroo!
Best friend, Shawn
Aunt Ginny
Jamie Williams
Aunt Susan, Uncle Steve and Eric

Saying good bye at the Great Falls airport.

Aunt Bev, Matt and Kristi Edwards and family

Love Kristi!

Grandpa and Grandma Hartley

"My parents aren't perfect, but they are perfect for me!"