Monday, September 28, 2015

2 new investigators on Saturday

We had a good week and were able to find 2 new investigators on Saturday. That seems pretty keen so we are grateful for that. It has kind of just hit me today that I have been here 5 months and no body in the Zone has baptized since I have been here so I am kind of feeling a bit bad about that but I know that all we can do it. Work hard and be obedient. They are talking about sending a mission couple back up here. That will be nice. There is a lot of work for them to do here. Elder Glova and I have one person who we are really praying and fasting to be baptized on Oct 18 we just really need to get someone in the water and show that we can do it up here. That pretty much our only focus at the moment. Elder Pearson (our area President...he gave a great talk last conference called stay by the tree) came to the mission this week so we got to listen over the phone to his training and MLC. Those guys are so powerful it is crazy and he talked a lot about having the faith to succeed not just the faith to survive I am trying to learn more about that. We are excited for the coming week and know that the Lord is blessing us.
 Love you all Elder Hartley  

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I know that the spirit is real.

It’s been a great week. It has been wonderful to spend time with Pres and Sister Parker. They gave us a training on Light Thursday and then took us all out to a restaurant for dinner! (first time I have done that my whole mission haha) If your lucky mum there will be a few pictures of me on the blog now...maybe. We had district conference this week and I really enjoyed it. The focus was on the Sabbath day as well.  The highlight came yesterday as we were searching for a new investigator. We were going to tract and had planned a street the night before. As Elder Glova looked at the map he says Elder we need to go here and he pointed to a different place. We went and said a prayer and jumped out of the car to talk to a man getting into his car in front of us. He gave us his number and said we could come back! He was raised Christian but since he has left home has realized that he doesn't have any of his own faith. We will go back next week to teach him and help him build his own faith. Over the course of the hour we had great conversations and teaching moments with 4 christian families! Although non of them excepted we were able to teach a bit about the restoration and testify that it is true. Heavenly Father lead us to 4 families and we were able to give them a really good chance at accepting the message. I know that the Spirit is real and that we need to allow the Spirit to find for almost never happens that other Christian people allow us to talk with them and to get 4 in a row is a miracle! I am grateful that Elder Glova is so great at following the Spirit.
Love you all
Elder Hartley 

and remember....if the women don’t find you handsome they should at least find ya handy 

President and I landed in Darwin and met a couple of our great missionaries at
Subway to pick up lunch.  Here is President and Elder Hartley  the great Zone
Leader of the Darwin Zone and his faithful new companion Elder Glova.

Here President Parker is making sure these wonderful missionaries know how
much we love them.  

Being trained on obedience, the Light of Christ and the Atonement. We loved 
being together with these obedient missionaries. Sister Villianueva, Sister Goisisi,
Sister Reyes, Elder Henderson, Elder Duabe, Elder Seru, Elder Heindel, Elder
Costalas, Elder Johnson, Elder Glove and Elder Hartley, we love you.

This group of wonderful missionaries are working so hard to find those who
are searching for the truth. We love you so much and love hearing of the 
miracles happening in the Northern Territory!
Elder Costalas, Elder Johnson, President Parker, Elder Glove and Elder Hartley
finishing off the appetizers. 

Here Elder Hartley, Elder Duabe and Elder Henderson do some planning to 
make every minute count. There is nothing we love better than to see
missionaries with a great plan!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Met a lady yesterday from Toronto...1st Canadian in 4 or 5 months!

It’s been a crazy week. It was transfers and they put two new missionaries out in Katherine but neither of them can drive so Wednesday night we drove them down and showed them around the few places that we knew and came back at 5 Thursday morning in time for district meeting.
 Pres. Parker is coming up on Thursday and we are all really excited for that! But he has to drive back down and pick up Katherine bring them here for a day and then take them back haha not as much driving as you guys but it feels really long when I am not used to being in a car much. We had a busy week of teaching and there was one investigator at church! We have a few people we are really close to being baptized but they just don’t quite commit to do the things that they need to. They are all around 20 and that seems to be one of the biggest things that holds them back. It’s hard for them to make that big commitment at a young age. I am still with Elder Glova and his English is getting better and better everyday. It’s teaching my patience because he has a lot of questions all the time but he is making such a big change, not just to mission life but even just to the culture and 1st world country life. We are doing great and this week we really just want to find more people. We have a goal of speaking to 30 new people everyday. I know the Church is true and that Heavenly Father has a plan and is in control. He is giving us all opportunities to improve and have more happiness and I am grateful for that. So glad to be here, thanks for all the support. love you all Elder Hartley

PS met a lady yesterday from Toronto...1st Canadian in 4 or 5 months! 

The Lord did bless us but not in the way of new investigators

We had a great week.The focus was to talk to as many people as possible. There are many many people here that we can try to visit and teach but last week we set a goal for 20 contacts each day to meet some new more prepared people. We know that all the Lord expects of us is to open our mouths and that was what we did this week. While we only found one new investigator we have many new people to follow up with. The Lord did bless us but not in the way of new investigators. He helped us get 2 investigators to church and one of them brought his brother as well! Everything just fell into place because the Lord was blessing us for our faith in trying to talk with everyone and really pushing ourselves. It was great to have people at church again and we are hoping to put those investigators on date this week! Its the start of the new transfer and I am staying here with Elder Glova for one more which I am very happy about. I will be here six months by the end of this transfer but I really love Darwin it’s a good place and I would be more than happy to stay here till the end. The last six months have gone by so fast.
Family has always been the greatest source of happiness that Heavenly Father has given us.
Love you all have a good week!
Elder Hartley
one member here runs the swimming pool for race horses down at the track so we went to check it was pretty cool and Elder Glovas first time to pet a horse!

we also went to the museum and the beach to get some shells

I have really felt the spirit as I read the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel

I think the highlight was preparing to train on Tuesday...and really all of my studies this week, I have just really felt the Spirit as I read the Book of Mormon and PMG this past week, I am striving to write more down and I think that is really making a big difference. Preparing for District meeting I received some cool revelation about trying to model our lives after the temple so that we can have more Spiritual experiences. We all love the temple because of the Spirit we feel there. But really the principles that allow the Spirit so strong there can also all be applies into our day to day life. I am trying to use that to really have Spiritual experiences everyday...if Hugh Brown can have a Spiritual experience trimming a current bush I reckon there is a lot more for me to have throughout my days.