Thursday, December 4, 2014

Mini mission with the priest this week.

I am well and good I don’t have much time at the moment cause we are running all over the place getting ready for some big event coming up next weekend. We take priests out with us for a couple of days on a mini mission or something like that I don’t even know what it is....maybe we will take them door knocking alllllll dayyyyy!! Or maybe not that’s mean haha.  We only have a few people here that we are teaching so we are saving them all for the weekend with the mini missionaries.
 Elder Henderson and I will be experts at the door after the next few days. We meet some great people and they all give us water because its so hot out. That’s probably why they don’t let us in cause its so hot they think me must be crazy to be walking around knocking doors in that heat. We are finding a lot of people that we hope to teach soon! Things are well and Elder Henderson really knows his stuff so it works good.  I walk up and shoot the breeze with people and then he smashes them with far so good eh?
 Love you all and thanks for all you do!!!! 

Elder Hartley 

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