Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Member Missionary Lessons

 We had a good busy week, on Tuesday we were trained on how to use family history as a way to find people. It was pretty interesting and we have already used it to get some people interested in doing it and then hopefully hearing a lesson or two. 
It has been tough to teach this week because all our investigators are students and its testing week so none of them want to see us.  But its all good we did a lot of street contacting and found some new people to teach hopefully. I like street contacting it is a lot less stressful than knocking doors.   But we don't do much of that. 
My first month in Adelaide has flown by already and it all feels like one big day. Yesterday was a fifth Sunday so the ward had a soup Sunday, they had some really good chili there but I may or may not be paying for eating so much of it today.....reminds me of a Jonny Cash song. 
 We went to this islander cultural night Saturday it was good until they started dancing then we got out of there quick.  But we had some good food. Some was quite interesting and I figured it was best to not eat it at all. People here get a big kick out of the family picture I have on my planer cause its on the back of the super duty with the dog and dad and I are in cowboy hats, they figure it is pretty redneck. I actually met 2 people this week that asked if I was from Canada because of the way I talk rather than America. The one guy was awesome he is married with a little boy and even had some interest but wasn't ready to give us a number or address. So now we just keep wondering around that area hoping to see him again. It has been cold and windy and wet here but with a coat it isn't too bad. Its ok because we hit up all the bus stops and talk to people and they never leave cause its dry and out of the wind. 
 We have really been trying to get members involved in missionary work and do what we call MMLs. Its a really cool program that president designed to help people get names they know for missionary work. We visit 1 or 2 homes each week to do the member missionary lessons it also helps us meet the members. It is so different here than at home as far as the logistics go for missionary work. 
I am  learning heaps (and knew words) and progress each day. 

Love you all Elder Hartley
"and remember I'm pullin for ya we are all in this together"  Red Green Show
Keep your stick on the ice - everyone here thinks I love hockey too.

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