Monday, June 23, 2014

People think I'm crazy not wearing a coat!

Today the weather here is kind of nasty its cold and really windy and it randomly down pores every so often so I am grateful to not be on the bike. We had a busy week and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done but we do our best.

 We have really been focusing on trying to find families and people that will really help to strengthen the Prospect ward here. Our area is so full of international students that we have to really work to find more permanent people that are interested in hearing the Gospel but it is good to stay busy. We do knock on a few doors but for us it is mostly street contacting. I can usually shoot the breeze with most people but it is tough to start talking about the church and stuff without making it awkward. So I have been really trying to learn how to tie it in with the conversation rather than have to say "what we do or what we teach or do you have a few min". It is so much better if you can just have a regular conversation. So that is what I have really been working on this week.

Everything at home looks really good and green, that is a ton of water that you got last week. I am glad everything is ok there. People look at me funny when I walk around without a coat on cause it is 15 out and they are freezing. I get cold some days but most I am not too bad in just my long sleeve shirts. We have laundry in our apartment which is really nice to keep your clothes from getting nasty cause I spill all the time so then I can wash it right away.

 Going to the temple Thursday was great, its the only time I was able to really relax my mind from all that we are doing here and focus on something else. I am finding more and more that if I have a specific question I can always find the answer in the scriptures, at the temple, or praying.

I am doing well so don't worry about me Elder Pitama is even a half decent cook so that is a bonus. It just randomly started pouring again, its like a hurricane in the library. Tomorrow we have a specialized training on family history so that should be interesting. I don't have a clue about that stuff.

Love you all take care.,

Elder Hartley

Elder Pitama, my companion from New Zealand

Elder Flintoft (Zion Leader)

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