Monday, November 17, 2014

John blessed the sacrament this week

Its transfers today and I got the call to pack my bags I find out tomorrow where I am off to. Its been a good little while here in downtown and I am going to miss it but its time to get on to somewhere else.
John blessed the sacrament this week, he had to practice all week so that his english was good enough to say it but he did great. He’s off to the temple for baptisms on Friday and he was asking us a ton of questions about missions this week. I will miss him he’s a good kid.
I don’t have much time we are running all over the place today.
 love you all,

Elder Hartley

When did Si Robertson move to austrialia? Actually this is Jim and he is crazyier than Si. We visit him often. He has some how survived 24 strokes and is still half with it.  Keeps us entertained.

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