Wednesday, November 12, 2014

We did find a Chinese family to teach!

Its been a crazy week but I reckon Friday was the strangest day. The City of Adelaide has a big Christmas Festival and parade every year and that was Saturday. So Friday we rock up to the city on our bikes and city workers were setting up a bunch of speakers in downtown to play music for the festival. They played "walking in a winter wonderland" for hours....poor choice of song when its 37 degrees outside and every one is suffering from heat stroke haha lucky for us we had appointments almost all day in the Library and it is air conditioned.
There is a MacDonald's or Hungry Jacks (burger King) on almost every corner in the City so we buy a lot a 1 dollar frozen’s like a slurppee  it’s a life saver.
Cops ride horses around the city sometimes here, they all ride massive grays for some reason.  I don't know the breed but they remind me of that silly gray we had for a summer. 
Other than that the week was pretty regular we are always really busy with people to teach and find things slowed down a bit cause it was finals week for the University. So everyone we talked to was stressed and a bit on edge most of our investigators were busy.
We did find a Chinese family to teach! William Sophie and Lydia they are great. There dad was actually baptized 20 years ago in China by some greeks but the mum and daughter have no clue about anything. They want to come to church and should be there next week!
This is the last week of the transfer and I have been here 4 now so I am slightly scared that I am going to be moved but I hope not. Honestly if it were my choice I would stay here for 2 more and train again. I love it cause new missionaries are not biased and they really think outside the box. They work HARD to gunhoe and ready to go.
The worst thing for our own progression and anyone around us is idleness. It tells us time and time again in the scriptures and we have all had our own personal experiences. When we are growing we are busy and effective when we are idle we are slow or stop all progression. There is one secret to success its work! I can promise that if we work effectively for a righteous cause we will always come closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That will bring us closer to our families and friends. I love you all and I am greatfull for all you do....keep it up eh and remember I am pullin for ya we are all in this together (red green)
Love Elder Hartley

PS - in case you didn't notice my email is the longest this week..........worth noting cause it won’t happen again.

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