Tuesday, July 7, 2015

It’s all because the Lord is blessing us with families to teach.

big old dead toad on the road

sunset from our flat 

The highlight of the week was to teach a young family for the first time last night. Jared and Kristie are there names. We met them nearly a month ago and have been trying to follow up with them since then. We finally got there at the right time. They have 3 kids (one may be 8 we are not sure yet).  They have no religion but have always been very spiritual. They are great, two of the kids are autistic. They are so humble and willing.  They are just grateful for everything they have, which is not much. We taught them about prayer, how to pray, why it’s important and how they will receive answers. It was a great lesson we were only there for about 20 min in and out with a powerful Spirit as we talked. We are excited to work with this young family and to see them again on Tuesday or Wednesday!
All our other investigators were really busy this week so we didn’t see them much but we have several appointments and plans for this week already.
We are doing really good and we keep on finding new investigators every week, it has been great. We have found 21 in the last 4 weeks! It’s all because the Lord is blessing us with families to teach.

Love you all Elder Hartley 
The lady on my left is a member Sis Winfield she gives us so much food. The one on the right is Margret her neighbor we taught he that day 

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