Monday, June 15, 2015

This week was full of miracles and we are excited for them to keep coming.

We had a great Sunday. We had 4 new people at church on Sunday and the zone had 3 investigators there. It was so nice to have people at church finally. I felt like I was in the city again! We found 6 new investigators and we still have many really great people to follow up with and teach for the first time.
It was such a miracle one family that came to Church was a family from the Philippines Elmer and his wife Maria. They came just after sacrament which was not ideal but they had a great experience while they were there. The first speaker was another Philippino who spoke about baptism! At the end of sacrament meeting a member who we work closely with went and started talking to him, turns out that Elmer is there electrician! What are the chances eh. They have 3 boys who they are really worried about and they are excited about young mens and giving there boys a good chance to be around good influences and things like that.
We also had another couple come to church who we are going to teach on Wednesday with a member. They really enjoyed church and said they will be back next week. The Lord really blessed us this week as we did all we could to find and teach. We did an MMC with a member on a Thursday at 2 until 4:30 we knocked doors....not the best of times to catch people...we talked to 25 people found 1 former investigator 1 less active member and 7 potentials!
This week was full of miracles and we are excited for them to keep coming this week.

Glad to hear that everything is going well at home and that the girls are staying busy. Thanks again for all that you guys do for me and all the prayers I get. We got transfer information today and our whole zone is staying the same, Pres Parker will be here in about 2 weeks and everything is just kind of in lock down until he gets here. I am glad to be staying with Elder Kelese he is a really hard worker and we are doing really well together. Love you all and have a good week!

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