Friday, August 8, 2014

Tim Tam Slam

 It has been a good couple of days. The weather here has seemed really cold, I am turning into a wimp cause its around 5 and I am still freezing. Probably should of brought that coat I bought eh. It was cool on Sunday afternoon we had a first appointment with a Chinese student named Frank. He had no belief in God only believes in himself but he has a roommate who believes in God so he was curios to learn more. We told him to bring his friend along to the lesson as well. So yesterday we walk up to the Library and here is Frank coming with a Chinese member that we know. Turns out they are roommates and we were able to have a great lesson together. We are going to meet again and Shawn says he will bring Frank to church next week. Its funny what are the chances of meeting someone on the street that lives with a member in our ward, it was pretty cool. 
We are planning for a baptism next Saturday, another Chinese student named Thomas. (these names are just what we call them because we can't say there Chinese name, its kinda funny they pretty much just pick a name when they get to Australia and roll with it) Thomas is the man, he wants to do whatever he can to follow Christ. He came to Church yesterday and we are trying to help him meet people so he can have some support.
 It's been a really good week and we keep doing our best to meet and talk to all the people we can. At the end of the day that is what it comes down to, if we don't start talking we can never help them learn about God and Jesus Christ. 
We went to the temple this week. It was really good, I love getting to go. Its really small here and only open a few days a week. We took names through for a couple in our ward that is hard core into family history so it was cool to have a bit more of an connection with the person. I really have a hard time coming up with questions though for my studies, church and the temple so I don't think I get as much out of it as I should, but I really felt I learned about how important women and the amount of respect we should always have and show towards them. Even in the temple we don't learn about our Heavenly Mother. How much  God must care about and protects her if even there she is not mentioned.
The sausages start to mess with your gut after awhile haha but its getting used to it. We eat a fare amount of chicken because it is so much cheaper,  ground beef is really expensive. I never cook Elder Pitama usully cooks and then I clean and do dishes its a good arrangment. We eat a lot of rice as well cause we have a rice cooker.
I am really glad to be in this area, we went on a trade to a different area last week and I felt so bad for the elders there, they only have 4 investigators and they are pretty weak ones at that and know one to talk to, I am so lucky to have so many people to talk to and teach here,
Its kind of surprising I still hate the city, but we don't think about that we just think about the people and what we can do to help them. Just goes to show that when we aren't being selfish we are happier.

I keep learning but I keep on seeing knew things I need to learn, pretty sure the list is getting longer not shorter but its ok, that's why we are here to learn grow and progress. 
Elder Hartley
P.S. Had to sing a solo at a FHE we had at a members house cause I was new. I did my best to warn them and get out of it but they insisted. Oh well joke is on them, pretty sure they won't be asking me to sing again.

Thanks for all the love and support miss you all
Elder Hartley

 During weekly planning we gotta Tim Tam Slam to keep the sugar levels up so we don't fall asleep. I may have a few more chins from doing this but it is worth it. Here is a step by step process to getting fat.
1. Prepare hot chocolate and get yourself a sleeve of Tim Tams

2. Bite a small chunk off of opposite corners

3. dip one corner just slightly into the hot chocolate and suck on the other end until the Tim Tam is soft and filled with hot chocolate

4. Eat it in one bite before it melts and falls into the cup cause that will just tick you off and then repeat until you are sufficiently filled.

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