Thursday, September 4, 2014

5 new investigates

Its been a crazy week and we are staying really busy but things are going well. Elder Pitama got transferred to Molsen Lakes and I was assigned to train a new missionary. His name is Elder Tolbert and he is from Utah. His visa waited one transfer in Las Vagas and then came here. He's the man and has been teaching me a ton. We are staying really busy and things are going well. I am grateful for the chance to train but I am pretty sure he is teaching me more than I teach him. We got 5 new investigates this week!  We are really excited to keep working with them, the weather is already getting warmer here and my shirts may not be white for long haha but its all good. Love you all and thanks for all you do
Elder Hartley
bit of gubba on ya poof  .... I guess that means you have fluff in your hair? Aussis are weird

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