Monday, September 15, 2014

Investigators came to church

Its been a crazy week, I feel like we have been in meetings for a month now, with specialized training, arrivers training, district meetings, and zone training tomorrow. But it's good we have great leaders here that really helps us all work more effectively. 

Parcel was ripped in half and then taped up again

Nothing to crazy happened this week, it is starting to warm up quite a bit and hit 26 yesterday. I am not sure how I will survive 40s in the summer. We will see how that goes. I have AC in the flat so we are lucky.  Because not all flats have AC just fans.
We only ride in the car on Monday and to meetings with the zone leader.  I did drive with a senior elder a few weeks ago for a road test so I can drive cars nos.  It's pretty weird on the other side of the road but being on bikes for awhile helps to get used to it.
The parcel mom sent me took almost 2 months to get here.  And when it arrived it had been ripped in half and then taped up again.
We have 3 people that are really solid investigators right now that are really working hard to learn more about God. All three are Chinese and really don't know anything about our Father in Heaven, his Son or their plan for us.  But they see the importance of learning it and that's all that matters right now. I don't know how many times people tell us that they think religion is good and that they see it help people but it's just not for them or they don't care. Come on man you just said you know its good, listen to what your own spirit is telling you! 
I love you all thanks for all you do,
Love Elder Hartley 
P.S. pretty much ate a whole lamb leg yesterday and I tell ya what it was pretty good

Found that bug in the closet, the bugs are starting to come out now that the weather is nice

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