Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My bike got stolen

Its been a interesting week, we had a ton of meetings Tuesday and Wednesday so we got half way through the week and felt like we hadn't hardly done anything. Also had a tradeoff Thursday and Friday which was good, its always so nice to see how other people do things and to try to improve yourself.

 A member of the ward was on a mission up in Brisbane and he came home and reported in church on Sunday. Turns out he served around Dallin Low up there it was funny. 
Also we had dinner at a members house the Triponels last night and it turns out that he served in the Fort Lauderdale mission about 15 yrs ago I think. He was happy to hear about Melissa being there. We had a good dinner and had a wicked big chunk of lamb it was really good I quite enjoyed it. 
Last night ended not the greatest cause when we left to go home we went outside and found out that someone decided to cut the lock off our bikes and to take them home for there needful kids I am sure. 
So that's not ideal but its alright it seems to happen a lot I guess. So we are off to get new ones at the office today. 
What I do when my bike gets stolen...ice cream and Mormon messages haha

We are workin hard and the weather is getting warm. I'm not sure I will survive 40 degree weather. We have quite a few new investigators and there is a lot of good things happening in the ward right now! 
Thanks for all you do, I love ya and miss ya
Elder Hartley

random statue at the University

A massive rip in my pants....took me 15 min to sew it up so all good now

My sweet bike that got stolen

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  1. Aloha Broha, The boys and I just wanna say Aloha and that we are proud of you man and happy that your doing awesome. Keep living the gospel and being a great Elder! Go gettum Eh!