Tuesday, October 14, 2014

John will be ready to get baptized October 26!

It has been a very busy week, we were full on all the way until Saturday and then we had conference Saturday and Sunday and now it is Pday. So I feel like I haven’t worked in 3 days, I feel rusty already! 
We have a guy named John getting ready to be baptized on the 26th of Oct. He is the man 18 from China. We met him doing some bball contacting a few months ago. We stun them with our moves so they will give us there numbers! naaa justr kidding. We do tell them what we do and we kinda stand out balling it up in what I tell them are the new Jordans but really they are my nasty tracting shoes. He didn’t believe in God 3 months ago but he was always willing to keep his commitments. Action is the only way to gain a testimony or strengthen it. 
All our investigators that keep there commitments completely are baptized or are progressing well. We cannot expect knowledge or blessings without action on our part that’s just the way it works. We have several other people that are on dates for the next few months and they are all pretty solid and keeping commitments to gain a stronger testimony.
Conference was great and I loved how bold a lot of the talks were, that’s the way to do it eh. I try to be as bold as possible all the time. No point in leaving people a chance to guess what you are saying. 
We had a lot of changes in the district this transfer, there are only 3 of us left from when I first got here. It makes me feel old. Our district leaders don’t mess around.  Its good he is upfront and bold and if you aren’t doing something up to snuff he’s going to find out. He’s a hard worker and does all he can to help us. I feel bad for the poor leaders haha.  They are on the phone all the time and have so much more to stress about. 
I love our tiny area, it’s easy to keep things straight and there is always something to do. Every once and a while we do some door knocking just to mix it up when we get bored. Seems to be easy to find a crazy person that way to give us a 5 min laugh and wake us up again.
 Thanks for all the help from everyone at home and the prayers. And thanks for the letters Melissa sorry I never write back eh. Love you all

Elder Hartley

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