Monday, June 1, 2015

President and Sister Carters last time

President and Sister Carters last time before they leave at the end of the month 
 I am learning all about being busy out here. It's really not about being busy but being effective.  The weather stays the same, and it feels hot most of the time, not overwelming but it's defiantly warm. He sends a mix of missionaries here, some good some that need a bit more help but over all things here are pretty good. It's always the same story. Some people aren't as dedicated as they could be. Others need help knowing how to do things but are willing to work hard and sacrifice. Some are just trying to learn how to live on there own. Sometimes I get impatient in my head with people but I forget that not everyone was raised the way I was or given the chance to learn things that I have been blessed to be taught. So it helps me to be grateful for all the things you and mum taught us about work and just thinking things through in general. We all have our struggle myself included so it's always good to see how we are put around certain people that we can help and that can help us. 
We had a great week it was really busy. It started good and went through the whole week. Monday we found a new investigator tracting, his name is Gary. We started knocking and had the most angry fella come to the first door. He was one sad bloke and we were feeling like, man maybe we should go try to see some less actives or something cause this guy really gave it to us. But then 2 min later around the corner Heavenly Father had the greatest baptist lady waiting for us to cheer us up. She smiled and waved from across the road. She was not interested at all but she just wanted to say hello and tell us how much she appreciated what we were doing....the Lord always has our back He never leaves us alone and Satan can never win. As we continued to tract we came across Gary. Wednesday was also great we felt like Utah missionaries! We taught 2 MPL 2 Other lessons 4 RCLA lesson and found 5 new investigators! We were teaching all day it was probably the busiest day of my mission so far. On Friday we had the last training from Pres Carter, it was all day and about the doctrine of Christ. I am really going to miss them but I am really excited to meet the Parkers. One more month before the change happens. Yesterday the AC wasn't working in the Chapel it was so hot eh I don't know how people lived before AC here and this is the coolest time of year. It rained the other day and if you were outside for 3 min you were soaked! But it was still 28 degrees so it's not bad. Things are going well here and there are a lot of good things happening. Thanks for all the prayers love you all 
Elder Hartley 

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