Monday, June 1, 2015

It felt so good to have someone at church

We had a great week here in Darwin! Last Monday we went to a croc farm and they had some massive ones! 14 or 15 feet long it was crazy. Its pretty cool to see so different environments and animals. One of the less actives we go and see is the manager of a new cull cow kill plant up here. 
He works for a big Australian company that has 500 000 head of cattle throughout the country and they kill all there own animals as well. Pretty crazy, 
On a spiritual note eh we had 2 people at church on Sunday and we have a family of 3 on date for the 21st of June. We are pretty excited about that. It felt so good to have someone at church its been about 3 months since I have had someone come to church! President Carter is coming up on Friday for the last time before he leaves. It will be the last time I see him which is sad. It's strange cause I am excited for the new President Parker to come but really sad to see President Carter leave. Its going to be a great meeting. 
Elder Kelese and I get along pretty well it is a lot different living with an ilander but we are both pretty similar and he is happy to cook and I am happy to do dishes so that's good. 

Thanks for all the letters and emails I really appreciate it. Glad to hear everything is good at home! love you all Elder Hartley

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