Monday, January 25, 2016

We are headed to the temple

It has not been to hot here the last few days and it’s been really nice but I think its supposed to get really hot again this week. The January- Feburary transfer I just focus on serving this one. After that I know the worst weather will be behind us and all will be well. I have 2 new companions we are in a trio (seems like a have spent a lot of time in a trio these past 6 months) Elder Escueta and Elder Lautele from the Phillipens and New Zealand. They are both great and pretty happy to be in the city. President Parker wants to send even more missionaries to the city its pretty cool. Used to be just us that covered it now he is talking about a city zone next transfer. He really pushes us, it’s great. I am grateful for that. Both my companions have been out for less than 6 months but they are really good. I am excited we are headed to the temple next Thursday. I have not been since April and it will be great to go back. Elder Hartley

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