Friday, August 28, 2015

Elder Glova and I had the greatest experience on Saturday

Elder Glova and I had the greatest experience on Saturday. There was a non member who came to church a few weeks ago on his own.  We had never seen him before. As we talked with him we found out he went to church for a bit in New Zealand as well but was never baptized or taught by the missionaries. We got his address and planned to go and see him. That was 3 weeks ago and we have still not been able to ever meet with him but we keep on trying whenever we are close. It seems like every time we go and he is not there we say.....we should tract here sometime....but we never did there always seemed to be some where else that we needed to be or someone else we were trying to track down. Finally Friday night during planning we decided to tract James street if he was again not at home. When we went there of course he was gone so we started to track. The first door we knocked on in the flats next door we met a man named Mitchel. He is the most prepared soul I have met my entire mission. He let us right in and we taught the restoration and Book of Mormon and committed him to be baptized on September 26 all in that first lesson with him. The Spirit was so strong as we taught and Elder Glova bore powerful testimony at the end to finish it all off. We are so excited to keep teaching him and hope to meet and teach his parents soon as well. The Lord is always preparing people we just need to listen to the Spirit tell us where we need to be! Things are good here and I am learning a lot about patience....Elder Glova speaks really well but he doesn't understand what people say as good but I forget because he speaks so well its kind of funny.
 Our worlds at home were so different. He learned how to use the microwave the other day and that you cant put metal in it. He is great and will do anything that he is asked to even if he feels like he can't do it good. We are really excited for the coming weeks and the people that we are working with at the moment. It will be a short week I am going to Katherine again on Wednesday and Thursday. We had to rent a little trailer to take some stuff down for them and to do trade offs. It will be a fun little trip. We are always so busy and time is going to fast.
 Love you all have a good you 
Elder Hartley 

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