Friday, August 28, 2015

I felt like I was driving the green beast

Hello everyone it's always so good to hear from you all and it sounds like everyone is doing so well. Its' been a really crazy week here but the trip down to Katherine went great and I felt like I was driving the green beast to mountain view....only it was a toyota carrola and a 7 foot trailer with some mattresses and a couch haha. But we found a new investigator and several other great people to follow up with while we were there. 
I am in a trio again until transfers in 2 weeks and we are covering all of Darwin (two areas) so things are pretty busy and the office will not be happy with our KM situation. Its alright they will forgive us. 
Hope you all have a good week, next week I will have some spiritual experiences to share promise! 
Love Elder Hartley 

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