Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I am happy to stay in Darwin for a while longer.

It’s been a crazy week of running around and changing companions and getting all the new missionaries here set up with the paperwork and things that they need to be legal! We have to get approved to work with children and if you are here more than 90 days get a Northern Territory drivers licence and stuff like that, it all takes a lot of time.

I am still in a trio my new companion gets here Friday at noon, he is coming from the Philippines! I am pretty excited to have a steady companion and area again it has been a crazy month. People here in Darwin are so different than in Adelaide. We find so many people to teach here but most are unwilling to commit to do much acting on what they know to be true. Almost all of the people we found the last two transfers have been dropped because they are not willing to make the changes that the Lord wants them too. The culture here is very relaxed and friendly it is great. It will be so good to have a companion that can communicate with the Philippine people here! We still meet with Gary and his family they are doing good progressing slowly we are really trying to help the mum to have the desire to be baptized Gary really wants to but he wants to do it all together with his family. Things are going great here and I am happy to stay in Darwin for a while longer...maybe I will be here till Christmas!? That would be good by me....thanks the emails and letters I am so glad things at home are going so well.
 Love you all Elder Hartley 

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