Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My companion is Elder Glova he is from the Philippines.

It’s been a good week. It feels so nice to be back in our own flat and our own area again with just two of us. My companion is Elder Glova he is from the Philippines he was there for 4 months waiting for a visa. We picked him up at noon on Friday, he is great and has such a strong desire to do all he can to help others learn the Gospel We do language study together every day and it is funny because he helps me with grammar and I help him to pronounce. Serving with him has already helped me to be much more grateful for all that I have been given. He came here with so little but he is so happy, none of his family our active and most are not members of the Church. It’s going to be great to serve with him and to find new people here that are ready to hear the Gospel. He is hard working and tells me that he loves knocking doors so we should get along just fine. Many of the people we have been working with are slowly disappearing but that is ok there are plenty more out there to talk to.
I am so glad to have the chance to serve and learn here and things are going great.
Thanks for all you do
Love Elder Hartley 

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