Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Lord did bless us but not in the way of new investigators

We had a great week.The focus was to talk to as many people as possible. There are many many people here that we can try to visit and teach but last week we set a goal for 20 contacts each day to meet some new more prepared people. We know that all the Lord expects of us is to open our mouths and that was what we did this week. While we only found one new investigator we have many new people to follow up with. The Lord did bless us but not in the way of new investigators. He helped us get 2 investigators to church and one of them brought his brother as well! Everything just fell into place because the Lord was blessing us for our faith in trying to talk with everyone and really pushing ourselves. It was great to have people at church again and we are hoping to put those investigators on date this week! Its the start of the new transfer and I am staying here with Elder Glova for one more which I am very happy about. I will be here six months by the end of this transfer but I really love Darwin it’s a good place and I would be more than happy to stay here till the end. The last six months have gone by so fast.
Family has always been the greatest source of happiness that Heavenly Father has given us.
Love you all have a good week!
Elder Hartley
one member here runs the swimming pool for race horses down at the track so we went to check it was pretty cool and Elder Glovas first time to pet a horse!

we also went to the museum and the beach to get some shells

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