Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I know that the spirit is real.

It’s been a great week. It has been wonderful to spend time with Pres and Sister Parker. They gave us a training on Light Thursday and then took us all out to a restaurant for dinner! (first time I have done that my whole mission haha) If your lucky mum there will be a few pictures of me on the blog now...maybe. We had district conference this week and I really enjoyed it. The focus was on the Sabbath day as well.  The highlight came yesterday as we were searching for a new investigator. We were going to tract and had planned a street the night before. As Elder Glova looked at the map he says Elder we need to go here and he pointed to a different place. We went and said a prayer and jumped out of the car to talk to a man getting into his car in front of us. He gave us his number and said we could come back! He was raised Christian but since he has left home has realized that he doesn't have any of his own faith. We will go back next week to teach him and help him build his own faith. Over the course of the hour we had great conversations and teaching moments with 4 christian families! Although non of them excepted we were able to teach a bit about the restoration and testify that it is true. Heavenly Father lead us to 4 families and we were able to give them a really good chance at accepting the message. I know that the Spirit is real and that we need to allow the Spirit to find for us....it almost never happens that other Christian people allow us to talk with them and to get 4 in a row is a miracle! I am grateful that Elder Glova is so great at following the Spirit.
Love you all
Elder Hartley 

and remember....if the women don’t find you handsome they should at least find ya handy 

President and I landed in Darwin and met a couple of our great missionaries at
Subway to pick up lunch.  Here is President and Elder Hartley  the great Zone
Leader of the Darwin Zone and his faithful new companion Elder Glova.

Here President Parker is making sure these wonderful missionaries know how
much we love them.  

Being trained on obedience, the Light of Christ and the Atonement. We loved 
being together with these obedient missionaries. Sister Villianueva, Sister Goisisi,
Sister Reyes, Elder Henderson, Elder Duabe, Elder Seru, Elder Heindel, Elder
Costalas, Elder Johnson, Elder Glove and Elder Hartley, we love you.

This group of wonderful missionaries are working so hard to find those who
are searching for the truth. We love you so much and love hearing of the 
miracles happening in the Northern Territory!
Elder Costalas, Elder Johnson, President Parker, Elder Glove and Elder Hartley
finishing off the appetizers. 

Here Elder Hartley, Elder Duabe and Elder Henderson do some planning to 
make every minute count. There is nothing we love better than to see
missionaries with a great plan!

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