Monday, October 5, 2015

The Lord is taking care of all of us

The Lord really showed his hand to us this week. We have had a goal to baptize on Oct 17th or 18th and have been doing all we can to make that happen but just the other day our last hope investigator said he would not make it. We had fasted and prayed over this day a few weeks ago and just Wednesday we all fasted as a zone to make things move forward faster. Sunday came around and we had no one coming to Church but then Sam showed up. He is a former investigator he's 15 and was almost baptized several times before I was here and during the first two transfers that I was here but it was always his parents holding him back. He has moved out and his less active uncle has been coming for a month now and he brought Sam to church yesterday and went straight to Pres Dunn to get baptized! We talked to him and set a date for Oct 17 to give us two weeks to refresh his memory and so he can come to Church two times in a row and then a third when he is confirmed.
 Also the indicators in the whole zone almost doubled this week in every area! I know its all because of the Lord answering the prayers fasting and faith that we have been trying so hard to work on for the last few weeks! It's great to see some success and I feel bad cause I was complaining last Monday but I know there is a plan to over come always and that the Lord is taking care of all of us. Love you all have a great week! Elder Hartley 

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