Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I really felt like we were teaching with such power

Friday was the most spiritual day this week. Weekly planning was a bit of a struggle as it usually is just to stay focused and in a good mood. The trio is really good to council and improve but at times its also easy to not do anything and let the other two do all the work sometimes it is frustrating. We had a great comp inventory where we talked very openly about many small things that each of us would like to implement and change although most was centered around being more positive and not negatively sarcastic to be funny. After this great inventory we went and taught two lessons in a row to two of our most solid investigators. First was Dominic, we taught he about the plan of salvation. He was confused about how God has a plan for us that we must follow but yet we always have free choice. We compared it to making a building, we are given a perfect plan and if we follow we receive a good reward after of having a good building (or life) but if we don’t follow through our choices we then will have a weak and less effective building (or life) we shared ether 12:27 and talked about how Christ is like the inspector of the building, he will come show us the weaknesses and help us to fix them. The Spirit was so strong and I really felt like we were teaching with such power and authority that he could not disbelieve our words. Elder Luetele committed him to do whatever it takes to go to the Celestial kingdom and he said yes. He is currently on date for March the 20th. Dominic was almost in tears most of the lesson. I know that it went so well because we were so unified after the companionship inventory that we had. After we taught Edgar he is really inspired and says many things that answer my questions and help me to learn.Talking about prayer he said it helps him to not be casual about life...there is no growth in casualness. I thought that was very insightful. His lesson as well was filled with the spirit mostly because he is so in tune and willing to learn from it. It is applying small things like waking up earlier and going to bed sooner. Exercising and planning his days...all of these things he is learning from prayer. 

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