Monday, February 8, 2016

Sister Bird is going to the temple in March.

Specialty Training with the Firle Zone.  Our Assistants to the President with the
District Leader of the new City District, the great Elder Hartley!!

Its' been a great week and many things have happened. We were able to have 2 people come to church again. Heavenly Father is always blessing us with miracles. We have many people to teach right now and they are all praying and many have come to church. We were thinking about why all our investigators seem to be stuck in the same place and then we realized they were missing the Book or Mormon.  We had taught it to all of them but only one was constantly reading from it. We are going to focus on helping them all read it this week. It's going to be great. I am in Either 12 and should finish it this week. I am excited to again pray about it and then be able to bear more powerful testimony that it is the key to learning more about Christ. I found out today that Sister Bird is going to the temple in March and she asked if I could go as well. Pres Parker told me today that I could! I am excited for that and already looking forward to it. My companions and I are doing great we get along good. It's crazy how different we all are and how we all have such different strengths but are unified in our work. Elder Escueta used to build rockets in the Philippines. He is a hard core chemist, it's pretty crazy...he's to smart for his own good! I love you all and am grateful for all that you do thanks for the support and love. 

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