Monday, February 29, 2016

Elder Christy is really great

Its been a great week we were in meetings for most of the first half but Friday Saturday and Sunday went great. Thanks to everyone that is praying for us to find people who are ready to learn. This week we taught 2 people for the first time that and really great. They were so grateful that we were able to talk with them and both are very excited to keep learning. Both are from China. We talk to so many people half are Chinese and half are from everywhere else but we only end up teaching Chinese people its pretty crazy. I am also excited because many people who went back to china for the new year are back now. Especially Thomas and John who I taught last year are now back and I look forward to seeing them at church again. Elder Johnson and I are now companions with Elder Christy he is really great, he’s not afraid of anything. He actually served in Fiji for a few transfers so he is a pro and really knows what he is doing. We have many people to follow up with this coming week and are also prepared of Elder Pearson our area President to come visit next week. He and Pres Parker many come down to the city and do a trade off with Elder Johnson and I while he is here. I am excited for that it would be pretty special and a great time to learn. I am so glad Heavenly Father is taking such good care of everyone and I know the He will keep looking after us as we work hard and stay obedient to the things we are taught. Have a great week everyone

Love you all,

Elder Hartley

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